Sunday, December 25, 2011


People : People: People;
We base our lives on people and peoples percpectives, but have you ever sat down and thought about what your perspectives are in life. Have you ever sat down and thought “ what is it that I really want “ & then you think well I want to be rich , healthy , & so on and so on , but think about it is it really what Y O U want or is that what everyone wants. Well everyone wishes to have health , richess, fancy things and love. I’m not saying that’s not ok but you have to really think about it. Health is an essential part of life , but health comes from a very small foundation, a positive, free spirited, & non-stressful living. If you live a life of stress, pain and agony you'll go through life faster then a person who's living in a relaxed and positive atmosphere. People fail to realize that what they go through in life is no ones fault but there own. For example , my friends mom is always complaining on how she wish she would she could have a better job and a better home. She blames her parents constantly for not pushing her to do her best. What she seemed to not quite realize is that she chose her path and her course in life. Her excuse was not to do it because her parents didn't care. Now think about it " who's life is it?"  Its her life not her parents she decided to get pregnant at an early age and have a beautiful baby girl who i call one of my very close friends. But think about it "what could she have done for herself ?" she could have gone to college , gotten a major, bachelors, or even a minor degree in something she enjoys doing but she constantly set barriers and excuses why not to do it. Shes currently a single mother with 3 kids living on welfare and in over town she trys to give her kids as much as she can but it just doesn't work sometimes the way she wants it to. Now back to perspectives, well her perspective of life is that it sucks and theres nothing to look forward to. She chose her life to be that way no one chose it for her. 

 I think life isn't to stress over. You make a mistake you learn from it you can't over react over every little problem you have. Fustration , Depression , & Sadness is not the key to it. Whenever their is a negative accuring in your life find the positive to it. In my believe i think life is about learning from mistakes, appreciating what you have, not looking at the next person , doing what makes YOU happy not others. Appreciating the beautiful moments in life, the beautiful nature , & the beauty of our existence. Now you might be thinking okay what does a 15 year old girl know about life. I may not know a lot but i do know somethings about it. I know my journey has just begun i'm now learning about changes in life and I haven't yet faced the real world but soon I will be.

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  1. That's a great reflection, Ashley. There's a lot of wisdom in your thoughts.

    Congrats on starting this blog. I'm looking forward to more posts!




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